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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 8

In Episode 8 of Kurulus Osman, Osman was Upset due to Sheikh Edebali, who has forbidden him to meet Bala Hatun and didn’t give his daughter hand to Osman.

Osman went to meet Sheikh Edebali in the new Bazaar and also he met with Bala Hatun. Batur Alp raided the Caravan from Nikkia to Kuluchaiser and take all the gold and goods from that Caravan.

Sofia was in meeting with Aliser Bey at his Kiosk, and talking about their alliance. When they were in meeting, they got the news that Caravan is being looted by Batur.

Aliser to Kayi tribe and there he Slapped Batur. Dundar bey didn’t say anything to Aliser bey for slapping Batur in front of all beys.

Batur went from the tribe with his aggressions. Master Yannis sent Salvador to teach lesson to Batur for looting their Caravan and killing their soldiers. Also Master Yannis told Sofia to give an important task to Commander Kalanos of killing Sheikh Edebali.

Osman was informed of what happened in the tribe in his absence. He want to meet Batur as he knows where he would be. Batur was trapped in the wood by Salvador but suddenly Osman came there and they both killed all Catalonians of Salvador. Osman also Captured Prince Salvador.

Osman Informed Bamsi bey about Prince Salvador, the killer of Bamsi son Aybars. During Torture Salvador said if Osman will get him free, he will help him in saving Sheikh Edebali Life.

Prince Salvador told everything to Osman that Kalanos will attack on Sheikh Edebali tonight. Osman went to new Bazaar where he saved the life Bala Hatun, Sheikh Edebali and his Dervishes. Sheikh Edebali allowed him to see him from now onward.

Commander Kalanos dead body was taken infront of Sofia and Aliser in Sofia room. They tell that Osman killed Kalanos while he was coming back to Kuluchaiser Castle.

Bamsi bey was about to kills Salvador when Salvador told him that he don’t want to die before becoming Muslim. Aliser Bey came to Kayi tribe to Arrest Osman and Episode 8 ends here.

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