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In Kurulus Osman Episode 7 , Princess Sofia and Master Yannis Tortured Osman heavily but Osman didn’t tell them about Sheikh Edebali. Edebali sent Tursun To Kuluchaiser Castle to talk to Yannis about his offer. He set off with his Dervishes to meet Yannis and to deal with him for Osman freedom.

Dundar Also sent Gunduz and Bamsi bey to Kuluchaiser Castle to question them about Osman bey. Bala Hatun comes to the tribe as her father send her here to have a look on them.

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Dundar Bey sends Batur Alp along with his soldiers to search Osman and inform him if they get any information. In the way, Samsa Bey meets Batur Alp and asks for Osman. He Tells Batur that I pray you are not betraying us again otherwise I will take you into account.

Tursun meets with Yannis in Kuluchaiser Castle and tells him about the offer of Sheikh Edebali, that he will do anything for Osman freedom. Meanwhile Osman have a dream, in which he is motivated by Sheikh Edebali to try to break the chains.

Batur Alp asks the Catalonion (captured by Osman, the right hand of Prince Salvador, now in Batur Hands) to take the head of Osman and he will give him Gold or he will kill him. Batur Played a trick on him to find Osman location.

Master Yannis send Magala to take Osman and meet him at the decided place where Edebali will meet him. He meet with Edebali there and talks about Osman and holy Relics.

Osman tries his best and break the chains and gets himself free from chains. He then untie his Soldiers as well. They kills all Catalonians, but suddenly, the Catalonian send by Batur arrives there with 20-30 Catalonians and attack Osman. But comes after him and kill many catalonians with his arrows.

They reaches the tribe where everyone talks about Batur, that he saved Osman. Selcan Hatun tells Osman about Bala Hatun presence in his tent. Osman meets Bala Hatun and take care of his wounds.

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Zohre Hatun Tells Dundar bey about the presence of Bala Hatun. Dundar bey Goes to Osman tent and send Bala Hatun out from the tribe. Osman tells Dundar bey that for Bala Hatun, he can do anything if necessary.

Osman asks from Bala about Sheikh Edebali. She tells him that he has dangered his life for you. Osman goes and save Sheikh Edebali.

Osman sends his Aunt Selcan Hatun to visit Edebali and ask for Bala’s hand. Sheikh Edebali rejected his proposal.

What Will Happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 8

Sheikh Edebali will tells that everyone should be prepared for the War. It is the time to plant roses of faith in their border lands that are surrounded by wild weeds.

Osman Tells Selcan Hatun, that his love one is close to him, and its make him crazy that they can’t be together (Bala and Osman).

Samsa during meeting with Dundar bey tells Dundar bey that we have sharpened our swords and waiting for the war news from you.

Gunduz Bey asks Dundar bey that if they are going to raid the Castle? Dundar bey makes Batur Alp (Son of Dundar bey) incharge of the aps for attack.

Master Yannis tells Sofia that only Aliser bey can beat Kayi’s and his alliance with us is necessary. Sofia tells Aliser bey that Edebali first change the mind of Osman and now Dundar bey and ask Aliser bey to stop him.

Osman Promises that without destroying Kuluchaiser Castle and without pulling Sofia’s poison with my teeths, death is haram (sin) for me.

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