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Kurulus Osman Episode 7 Summary: (Watch full Episode Below)

At the end of previous Episode 6 of Kurulus Osman, Abdur Rehman Ghazi (Loyal Alp of Ertugrul Ghazi, and Personal guard of Suleman Shah and Hayme hatun) arrives at the tribe with the news that Ertugrul Ghazi is seriously ill with lungs diseases.

He tells more that Ertugrul Ghazi is hospitalized but his chances of survival are less. So Ertugrul ghazi has given him the ring and seal of leadership to be given to his brother Dundar bey. Abdur Rahman Ghazi keeps on speaking, it is order of Ertugrul Bey, that his sons will obey Dundar Bey Leadership.

Dervishes tells Sheikh Edebali about Osman that he is kidnapped. Sheikh Edebali orders his Dervishes to be prepare for the war. Meanwhile Bamsi bey and Dundar bey are also informed about the incident with Osman.

Prince Salvador keeps on beating Konuralp who is Courageously asks Prince Salvador to kill him otherwise later on he will kill him. Princes Sofia Joins Prince Salvador at the same time and the episode 6 ends here.


Kurulus Osman Episode 7 begins with the scene of Sheikh Edebali, Where he tells Dervishes to be ready. He asks Tursun to go to Kuluchaiser Castle and tells them we will give you the holy treasure on condition of setting Osman and his alps free.

Moreover, His Dervishes ask Edebali, that we spend years and many lives to get this treasure, how can we give it just only for Osman life. Sheikh Edebali tells them that Osman is as valuable as the treasure.

Princess Sofia beats Osman and demands for the location of Sheikh Edebali. Osman tells her that Sheikh Edebali lives in His heart and in the heart of all Turks. If you have power, then find him.

Sofia put her dagger in Bogac ( Faithful Soldier of Osman bey) stomach. Osman asks Bogac to be patient, and never bow down infront of these devils. He recites the verse of Quran from Surah Bakara:

Or do you think that you will Enter Paradise, while such (trail) has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you?

Master Yannis also comes there and do clapping by saying that it is the scene of his flawless victory as Osman is in their hands.

Master Yanis knows that Dundar will send Gunduz or other soldiers to Kuluchaiser, to find Osman. Also, he knows that Sheikh Edebali will try to deal with him to save Osman. So he send Princess Sofia to Kuluchaiser.

Meanwhile, in the tribe Dundar bey along with gunduz bey, Bamsi bey and Batur Alp discuss about Osman kidnapping. Dundar sends Gunduz bey and Bamsi bey to Kuluchaiser, to find the traces of Osman. He also tells Gunduz Bey to act strictly with them and say them that if they are involved in abducting Osman, they will see the wrath of Dundar Bey.

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Dundar bey also orders Batur Alp to take his alps with him and go outside to search Osman and if he finds any of information about Osman, then he must inform him.

Yannis Also burns Osman Arms, and chest with iron fire. He continuously demands for the location of Edebali but Osman doesn’t tell him anything. He continues his torture on Osman, and at end Osman asks him to stop it and stop this torture and he will tell him about Edebali.

Osman tells Master Yannis to Come close so he can tell him about Edebali. When Yannis comes close to Osman, Osman hit him with his head and Yannis fell down on floor and gets out of his senses and goes to unconscious state.

After this, Megala, Prince Salvador and other Catalonians beat Osman and his Alps till they get to unconscious state.

Meanwhile, Bala Hatun and Gunca Hatun arrives at Kayi tribe. There Aygul Hatun stops Bala hatun and she blames Bala Hatun and his father for all the troubles to their tribe and to Osman.

Batur Alp leaves the tribe with his soldiers to search Osman. In the way they meet Samsa Bey, and Samsa bey asks Batur about Osman bey. Batur taunts Samsa Bey that are you not a friend of Osman bey? You couldn’t protect your bey.

Samsa bey tells Batur that we have made all enemies kneel down but the traitors among us stab ys in the back and I pray that you are not traitor this time again otherwise I will make you pay with these dogs.

Gunduz Bey and Bamsi Bey reaches Kuluchaiser Castle. Princess Sofia asks them about their visit to her. Bamsi bey Tells her that they are not here to visit her, but to question her about Osman.

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Bamsi Bey tells Princess Sofia about the attack on Osman, and Sofia shows innocently that she doesn’t know about any attack. Gunduz tells Sofia that if Kuluchaiser did this , then You should be scared of us.

Osman bey along with his beaten soldiers hangs unconsciously in the torture room. Batur has hidden prisoner of Osman from whom Osman wants to get information. The hidden prisoner also killed one of Osman soldier before hidden by Batur somewhere else.

Batur bey offers him golds if he would tell about Osman location, and if he kills Osman and brings his head to Batur, he will give him more Golds, so he accepted that offer for golds. Batur then releases him.

Meanwhile, Tursun brings a message of Sheikh Edebali to Master Yannis. He tells Yannis that Sheikh Edebali will give him what he wants from him, if he gives him Osman alive. Tursun tells him the meeting place.

In the Torture room, Osman has a dream of Sheikh Edebali in Unconscious who tells him that Allah has not forgotten him and with a little effort and faith he can escape. Osman wakes up with motivation and new strength. Osman pulls the leather which binds the chains and gets Freedom. First he kills one Catalonian on the guard in torture room and unties his alps after killing him. They get strength and prepare to make their escape.

The first resistance comes from prince Salvador Guards outside the torture room, Osman bey and his soldiers finishes them. After that they face another resistance from Prince Salvador right hand who was released by Batur Alp. But at the right Batur comes and kills many Catalonians with arrows. Before his arrival, the Catalonian says Osman bey that Batur wants his Head from me. Later on Bamsi bey and Samsa bey also arrive for Osman help.

There is a sad moment for Osman, when Abdul Rahman Ghazi tells him about his father bad condition. Moreover the news about Dundar Bey Position in the tribe he holds now in place of Ertugrul Bey, this news also makes him sad.

Osman bey arrives at the tribe, where everyone say thanks to God for his safe return. Osman also kiss Dundar bey hand and give him the respect he deserves as a leader. He also embraces Batur alp despite of knowing that he wants him to be dead, but this is not the right time to take him into account.

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Bala Hatun is waiting for Osman is his tent. Selcan Hatun tells Osman about Bala Hatun presence in his ent, he first goes to tent to meet Bala Hatun.

There in the main tent of Dundar bey, His wife Zohre, and daughter Aygul, tells Dundar bey about the Bala presence in the Osman tent. She is currently the guest of Selcan and Osman. Dundar bey along with His wife and daughter goes to Osman tent to confront Bala Hatun about her father, Sheikh Edebali.

He makes fun of Sheikh Edebali, and tells Osman if he continues his friendship with Edebali, there will be no support of Kayi tribe for him. Bala is offended by Dundar words and walk out of tent to leave the trive.

Osman also comes out of the and followed bala hatun. He demands Bala hatun about Sheikh Edebali location. In the first Bala doesn’t tell Osman any thing not to put him in danger again, but due to continues pressure from Osman, she tells everything to Osman.

Bala tells Osman that her father has gone to sacrifice himself for you. Moreover she also tells him the reason of her arrival at Kayi tribe. Osman tells Bala that he understand where Sheikh Edebali would be? so don’t worry I will bring him safe.

Osman along with his alps, leaves the tribe to save Sheikh Edebali from Master Yannis and Catalonians.

Master Yannis along with Catalonians, wait for Sheikh Edebali arrival at the preselected place. Suddenly Sheikh Edebali Arrives there with his Dervishes. Master Yannis and Sheikh talks with each other. Now they are waiting for Magala to bring Osman here.

Magala arrives and tells Prince Salvador about the escape of Osman. Prince Salvador tells Master Yannis about the Escape of Osman from their hands. Sheikh Edebali has now little bit idea about Osman freedom from Master Yannis expressions. So he decided not to sacrifice himself.

Master Yannis orders for the attack, during fight Osman arrives and throw an arrow which hits Master Yannis chest, but Prince Salvador quickly dragged off him on his horse and escape towards the Castle back. Osman Saves Edebali’s life and kills all of the Catalonians remembering their torture. Osman also kills Magala (Companion of Master Yannis).

Aygul comes to Osman tent and asks Osman the reason of his smile. Osman tells her that he is going to marry Bala Hatun and Selcan Hatun will go to Sheikh Edebali to ask for her hand. Knowing that Osman is marrying Bala she also agrees to marry Aliser bey.

Bala later on the nights tells her father that, Osman will send Selcan Hatun to ask my Hand from You, for Osman. Selcan Hatun arrives after sometime and talk to Sheikh Edebali about Osman and Bala marriage. Sheikh Edebali refuses Selcan Hatun to allow Osman to marry Bala Hatun.

Osman is eagerly waiting for the good news of his marriage with Bala from Selcan Hatun. Selcan Hatun arrives the tribe with bad news and tells Osman that Edebali has refused to give her daughter for him. Osman becomes sad, heartbroken and devastated.

And Kurulus Osman Episode 7 ends here. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 8 with English Subtitles only on Knowledge Funda & every new Episode on thursday at 03:00 PM GMT+5.

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