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Kurulus Osman Episode 6 Summary (Watch Episode 6 Below)

Kurulus Osman Episode 6 starts with Osman bey, who is searching for Sheikh Edebali and his daughter Bala Hatun, who are disappeared from his tribe without informing Osman bey.

Osman goes to Ahis Bazaar to search Edebali and Bala Hatun, but he has shocked when he sees his big Enemy Master Yannis at the Bazaar secrete place where Edebali was living.

He surprised to see Master Yannis in New bazaar as he is supposed to be executed at Kuluchaiser Castle according to the promise of Commander Kalonos. Unfortunately an innocent person will be executed in Master Yannis place.

Yannis is a devil person, as he safeguarded himself from Osman by using safety of Selcan Hatun (Osman Aunt, Wife of his father Elder Brother Gundogdu Bey) who is coming to Osman tribe after a long time as she loves Osman very much and Osman also loves her as mother.

Selcan Hatun is taking rest at Caravan Saraye, located in Sogut. In Caravan Saraye, the travellers finds some kind of refreshment before continuing their journey.

In order to keep safe himself, Master Yannis has sent his daughter Princess Sofia to Caravan to have a look on Selcan Hatun. Selcan Hatun feels uncomfortable with Sofia, so keeps her dragger secretly in her hand.

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Master Yannis threatened Osman as if he does not allow him to go outside the Ahis Bazaar, then his man will inform Princess Sofia and she will will kill Selcan Hatun.

Moreover, Master Yannis also offers Osman, the murderer of Aybars for his freedom. To take revenge of Aybars and to save Selcan Hatun Life, Osman accepted Master Yannis conditions to free him.

Osman set Master Yannis free, and leaves the Ahis Bazaar and heads toward Prince Salvador (Murderer of Aybars) camp with his favourite shoulders.

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Osman bey, attacks on Salvador camp surprisely, and his raid is successful by caughting the right man and murderer of Aybars. Osman caught the right hand of Prince Salvador but Prince Salvador escapes.

Osman take captive Prince Salvador special man in the hope that he will make him speak, where Prince Salvador is hidding.

In the Absence of Osman bey, Dundar bey, Alisar bey, Gunduz Bey and Princess Sofia make and an Agreement. At the same time, Sheikh Edebali comes to Caravan where Selcan Hatun is present. Selcan meets with Edebali and Bala Hatun and after that she leaves Caravan for Kayi Tribe.

Selcan Hatun arrives at Kayi tribe and everyone welcomes her warmly but Zohre Hatun ( Wife of Dundar bey and sister in law of Selcan) does not seem to be happy due to Selcan visit to the tribe.

Osman arrives to the tribe with two prisoners ( Murderers of Aybars) and Selcan Hatun see her Nephew growing young. He come towards Bamsi bey and by giving these two prisoner to bamsi bey he remind his promise which he fulfilled now.

Bamsi takes the revenge of his Martyre son Aybars by cutting the heads of the Catalonians who are responsible for his son Aybars death. Osman looks at her Aunt Selcan Hatun, welcomed her by a Gesture of rising hand and guides her towards his father tent.

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Zohre Hatun is also present here and she sees and understands that Osman is getting more power day by day, and that one day he will become the leader of the tribe which is great threat for her and his Husband Dundar Bey.

Zohre Hatun thinks that only Alisar Bey can handle Osman and will keep Osman away from becoming the bey (leader) of the tribe by marrying her daughter Aygul, as he has asked for Aygul hand from them earlier.

Osman gets a good news from his Aunt, Selcan Hatun about Bala Hatun. Selcan Hatun tells Osman that she met with Bala Hatun at Caravan Inn where she stayed for refreshment. This is really a big news for Osman as he searched her but couldn’t find her and his father.

Osman tells his aunt that he will be back soon after meeting with Bala Hatun and leaves his aunt company and heads towards the Caravan Inn. Fortunately on reaching at Caravan Inn, Osman finds Bala Hatun.

Osman tells Bala Hatun that he will send his Aunt Selcan Hatun to visit your father and ask for your hand for me.

Osman gets sad when Sheikh Edebali doesn’t meet with him. Bala Hatun asks Osman to be patient. Osman Promises her that he can wait for her all of his remaining life. Bala Response is also same.

Osman arrives at the tribe and tells his aunt Selcan Hatun about Bala Hatun. He asks her to visit Sheikh Edebali and ask her daughter Bala’s hand for him. Selcan Hatun Happily agrees.

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Meanwhile Boran Alp (Osman trusted soldier) begins torturing Prince Salvador right hand to tell him where that bastard Prince Salvador is hidden. After so much torturing, the Catalonian tells him that in the morning Prince Salvador will attach Samsa tribe.

Boran Alp comes to Osman at night and tells about these information which he gets from that Catalonian. Osman in turn plans to attack prince Salvador in the way before he reaches Samsa tribe.

Prince Salvador has set up a trap for for Osman, so before Osman could carry his plans into action, he is trapped by Prince Salvador.

Prince Salvador ambushes Osman in the way. The Catalonians are more and Osman can’t manage them this time with few of his alps. Prince Salvador catches all of them and ties them with roop and bring them to a close room.

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Prince Salvador kills one man of Osman and tells Osman that if he doesn’t tell him where is Sheikh Edebali, he will kill one of his soldier every day.

Osman and his alps are heavily beaten by Catalonians and asks Osman for Sheikh Edebali’s location, but Osman is not giving up by telling Sheikh location.

Meanwhile Sheikh Edebali has a dream where he see that Osman is in danger. Bala is present there while sheikh has a dream. He tells Bala Hatun that go and tell Dervishes to go the wood and search Osman.

Dervishes comes to the wood and finds two of Osman soldier lying on floor. One is dead and the other one is injured. He tells that Osman bey is ambushed and being kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Osman and his soldiers are beaten by Prince Salvador, if Osman doesn’t tell the location of Sheikh Edebali, the other soldier is going to be killed soon.

In the tribe, Dundar bey, Kalanos and Princess Sofia discuss about restructuring the bazaars and trade between them. They are talking about Kayis rugs which are famous even in Constantinople ( Currently Istanbul).

Suddenly Abdur Rehman Ghazi (Loyal Alp of Ertugrul Ghazi, and Personal guard of Suleman Shah and Hayme hatun) arrives at the tribe with the news that Ertugrul Ghazi is seriously ill with lungs diseases.

He tells more that Ertugrul Ghazi is hospitalized but his chances of survival are less. So Ertugrul ghazi has given him the ring and seal of leadership to be given to his brother Dundar bey. Abdur Rahman Ghazi keeps on speaking, it is order of Ertugrul Bey, that his sons will obey Dundar Bey Leadership.

Dervishes tells Sheikh Edebali about Osman that he is kidnapped. Sheikh Edebali orders his Dervishes to be prepare for the war. Meanwhile Bamsi bey and Dundar bey are also informed about the incident with Osman.

Prince Salvador keeps on beating Konuralp who is Courageously asks Prince Salvador to kill him otherwise later on he will kill him. Princes Sofia Joins Prince Salvador at the same time and the episode 6 ends here.


Osman and His Alps will be beaten by Sofia, and Master Yannis. Osman will never give up and would tell Master Yannis, if only one Turk is left, they can’t stop them to build a new state and system.

Sheikh Edebali along with his Dervishes will go to help Osman. There they will meet Master Yannis too. They will also Release Osman bey, and his soldiers from Yannis Hands.

Moreover, Osman will be unhappy to know that his Uncle Dundar bey is now the leader of tribe and he have to obey him as his father has strictly ordered them.

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