Kurulus Osman Episode 5 English Subtitles (Season 1)

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Osman managed to save Bala Hatun, the daughter of Literary, from Yannis, but Bala Hatun was poisoned and the antidote was in Yannis’ hands. Osman, who was thrown into a cage tent for stabbing Dundar Bey’s son Batur, will face Dündar for the first time after his escape. This confrontation of Dundar Bey and Osman will give birth to obada? What is he going to do for his recovery? Can Osman take the antidote in Yannis’s hand and save Bala?

He would ignite the fire of gas and freedom with his black eyes.
His name was Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi Gazi
It was “love gösteren that guided him through the darkness…

In the land irrigated with blood and tears, mown as celestial crop; He saw the dream of a nation that would cross seven heavens, seven places, mountains and seas with “love..
He took his power not from his sword but from “love le. He gave his name to the greatest empire in history with “love en that resisted slavery with freedom.

The rebellion against the corrupt system that broke 72 nations, hope for the silent cry of the oppressed was the name of the Organization…


Foundation Osman is the story of a march from a 400 tent tent to a world empire founded with ”divine love..

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