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At the end of 3rd episode Bala Hatun was kidnapped by Prince Salvador who was under the command of Sofia. Sofia had given him order to abduct Bala Hatun and to send her to Master Yannis for the Inquiry of missing Holy relics.

Osman bey is informed by Samsa bey that, Dundar bey along with Gunduz bey, and Batur alp returned Theokles to Sofia in the Castle. Osman bey finds out that Batur Alp has betrayed him by taking Theokles secretly from their secrete hidden place, who is the only person who knows about Tekfur and Aybars killers.

Osman gets angry due to Batur betrayal and could not let this betrayal go unpunished. He comes to the tribe in no time and find out Batur infront of the main tent. Osman stubble Batur dagger in his chest.

Batur gets injured and is fighting for his life in his tent where his mother is taking care of him and she promises that she will take revenge of his son blood from Osman.

Gunduz, (Osman elder brother) hears about the attack of Osman on Batur Alp and he puts his brother Osman in the Cage prison (usually used by Kayi’s to put prisoners in that cage) and tied him with chain under the guards supervision.

Osman swears that not only his uncle Dundar bey, Batur Alp but also Gunduz will pay for this betrayal. Osman believes that if his father Ertugrul was in his place, he would have done the same like him. Only Bamsi bey is with Osman side and swears to protect Osman in every situation.

A Soldier brings the bad news that Ahis new bazaar is being raided by a group of people’s and no one is left alive. Osman by hearing this news, pleads Gunduz, to let him go to look for Bala Hatun (who lives in Ahis new Bazaar), but Gunduz keeps him chained and only to be released by his consent and wish.

Fortunately, Bamsi bey is on Osman side, so he releases Osman and asks Soldiers on the guard to tie themselves with chains. He helps Osman in escaping from tribe.

The Catalonian (Soldiers of Salvador) kills everyone in bazaar and abduct Bala Hatun. Bala Hatun is trained girl in fighting, so she successfully escape by killing almost 10-12 Catalonian captors, but is captured again by Prince Salvador.

Osman bey leaves the tribe along with Bamsi bey and his trusted soldiers to look for Bala Hatun. In the way, Osman meet Tursun (the Monk, who along with Gunca and Bala Hatun stole the holy relics in the secrete room of Sofia, from Kuluchaiser Castle. Tursun tells Osman that Bala Hatun is being abducted by the attackers, but we don’t know where they take Bala Hatun.


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