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Kurulus Osman Episode 3 Summary

The Group of secrete peoples sent by Sofia, to follow Osman as she thinks that Osman will lead them to Holy relics, is killed by Osman and his soldiers.

Osman captures Theokles, (leader of the group of people sent by Sofia after Osman) and tutored him, to tell the name of the person who sent them to follow him. Theokles doesn’t tell the name but after too much torture he tells Osman that Sofia sent them.

Osman orders Boran (One of his best Soldier) to tie Theokles and hide him at secrete place. Osman is unaware of the holy relics stolen from the Castle on the night of murder of Tekfur. He doesn’t understand why Sofia has sent her soldiers to follow him.

The only thing he knows, is that the murderer of Tekfur Kuluchaiser, His brother Aybars murderer are same and Theokles knows that who is behind this.

Boran comes to the tribe for some cure from medical tent for the treatment of Theokles. Batur (son of Dundar Bey) closely watch Boran while Boran is leaving the tribe.

Batur followed Boran and hide himself where Boran has hidden captive Theokles. When Boran goes from that hidden place, Batur finds Theokles, so he release him and take him to a secrete place.

Master Yannis and Sofia have gathered together at Castle in the hope to track Holy relics. Commander Kalonos see Sofia going to the secrete room and he follows Sofia. There he resists and order to catch Master Yannis, but all the soldiers put their swords on Commander Kalonos instead of Master Yannis.

Commander Kalonos is told that Master Yannis is a Monk, and he belongs to a large religious sector named as Rum. This Rum has only one purpose to protect the holy relics, and all the gaurds and soldiers at Kuluchaiser belongs to this Rum.

Sofia goes on to told Commander Kalonos, that there are many other Castles under the control of this Rum and Master Yannis is head of this Rum. Master Yannis offers him to join them for this holy purpose. After thinking a lot, Kalonos agrees and accepted to join them.

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