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Kurulus Osman Episode 2 Summary: (Watch full Episode Below)

At the end of the previous episode 1 of Kurulus Osman, we left Osman caught two girls in the room, from where Tekfur dead body has been thrown from the window, Killed by His wife Sofia and his Secrete Lover Commander Kalonos.

The 2nd Episode starts with Osman demanding these two girls about Tekfur Killers. He hold Knife on the throat of Bala Hatun, a spy in the Castle. But in this situation a monk comes from behind Osman and hit him on his head from behind.

Osman lies unconscious on the floor after hit by the monk. When monk sees Osman lying on the floor, he tells the young girl, Bala Hatun, that he is Osman, the Son of Famous Ertugrul Bey.

The monk and other one girl, continue their search for which they come in that room, while Bala Hatun takes care of Osman. After searching, they find the hidden compartment, which leads them to the holy relics.

They Escape the room with treasure, leaving Osman lying on the floor in the hope, that soon he will awake.

Tekfur Evil wife, Sofia and the protector of Castle, Commander Kalonos blames Osman for murdering Tekfur, Osman is being seen by Sofia sister in the castle. They start searching of Osman in the castle.

After that Osman wakes up from unconscious state in order to escape from that room, and to meet with his soldiers who are waiting for him in on corner.

When Sofia comes to see the room, and see that the holy relics are gone, she becomes angry and blame Osman for this. She sends on of his great Commander on the mission to get something precious from Dundar bey, as a return for the holy relics.

She also breaks the agreement of peace with Dundar bey. The two girls, who theft the holy relics, dressed like nuns escape the Castle with cart loaded with holy relics, before anyone knows that holy relics are gone.

In the tribe, Bamsi bey tells Dundar bey that call Ertugrul bey from Konya, as you can’t control the situation, neither Osman, and so he should revise the agreement.

Master Yannis, is a sorcerer who is living at the cave. Sofia send a sorcerer to master Yannis with a letter to inform master Yannis, that the holy relics are theft by Osman and gone from their hands.

Master Yannis gets angry at Sofia, and leaves the cave for Kuluchaiser castle.

Osman starts searching of the girl, in the hope that she knows the murderer of Tekfur. When he comes to the church, and ask about that nuns from monk. The monk get surprise as Osman knows every details of her face.

The monk tells Osman that nuns is not here and she lives in Chapel outside of the city.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 2 in English Subtitles Here

Burcin and Aygul (Daughter of Dundar bey) are washing cloths outside of the tribe in the presence of guards. They are unaware about the presence of Castle soldier there. The Soldier take Aygul captive.

Dundar bey and Bamsi Bey have a meeting at Sogut with all other allied Tribal Beys. Dundar bey is seeking peaceful alliance with Kuluchaiser Castle lord. But he faces only opposition.

There in meeting, a tribal bey, Samsa bey tells that they should take Kuluchaiser Castle with Swords instead of making another agreement. Alisar bey also arrives there and attend the meeting, having a high status in all beys eyes. He is also against this agreement as we have seen in previous episode.

Before completing the meeting, Burcin Hatun arrives injured with bad news that Aygul Hatun is being Kidnapped by the Kuluchaiser Castle soldiers and they want Osman against Aygul Hatun as a trade.

Dundar bey orders his soldiers to be prepared for war and go to the Castle with Bamsi bey and Samsa bey to bring his daughter from the Castle safe and sound without any war.

On the other hand, Osman is hidden with his soldiers in the Castle and can see Aygul being dragged by the Soldiers in the Castle. They are demanding Osman to surrender so they will leave Aygul.

Aygul loudly says, “Osman don’t surrender to these dogs”.

Dundar bey arrives in Kuluchaiser Castle and demands his daughter Aygul, otherwise no one will safe anyone from his wrath.

Dundar bey daughter Aygul is dragged into the thrown room in the presence of Dundar bey. Sofia demands Osman bey from Dundar, otherwise they will all die in the Castle by Sofia.

Dundar bey Warns Sofia, if they did anything wrong to them, the whole Turkish tribes will attack the Kuluchaiser Castle and will smash them all. Osman enters with soldiers of Castle who are going to arrest Dundar bey and his companions.

Osman bey surrenders himself in order to wait the hearing of court and to prove his innocence. Osman is taken into the dungeons and Dundar bey goes to tribe taking Aygul with himself.

Osman tells Commander Kalonos, that he will never give up finding the murderer of Tekfur. He believes that murderer of Tekfur, murder of Aybars and attack on Dundar bey, all are interconnected with each other.


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