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Episode 9 Background history:

For the reason of Killing Commander Kalonos and destroying peace, Aliser Bey has arrived at Kayi tribe to arrest Osman Bey. Dundar Bey, Selcan Hatun, Gunduz Bey all tell Aliser Bey that he can’t arrest Osman.

Osman Bey asked Aliser Bey, how he came to know that Kalonos was dead. He told them that he was in Castle when the dead body of Kalanos was brought. He didn’t tell them that he was wining and dining with Sofia at that time.

Osman Bey willingly accepted his trail of judgment, and allowed himself to be arrested.

Bamsi has converted Prince Salvador to the Islam, and after becoming Muslim, Bamsi didn’t kill him. ( we will see if Salvador has accepted Islam just to save himself or He really converted to Islam.

In The way Osman was being rescued by his soldiers and he told his soldiers not to harm any of guard and set them free.

There was a Gold shipment sent by Mongols to Aliser bey. That Gold was collected from turks in Konya. Osman was aware of this shipment, so he said that “the gold belongs to Turks, should belong to Turks”. He sent Boran to tell Abdur Rahman Ghazi, to raid this shipment, and bring golds.

Alisar Bey visited new Bazaar and meet with Edebali. While living Edebali room he saw Bala Hatun and tried to flirt with her, but Bala Hatun kept him in his place.

So after that Sofia came to Alisar kiosk to get Osman, but he didn’t tell her about the Osman escape from his hand. Osman along with his soldiers reached to kiosk, where he proved Sofia, accountable for the raid of his Bazaar and killing Tekfur.

Sofia was arrested and kept in the Prison. Osman almost have her head off with his sword.

At the Traveller inn (Caravan Sarai) Abdur Rahman Ghazi along with Samsa Bey and other soldiers killed all Mongols silently and brought the gold from their hands.

The news of raid on Mongols in his terrority came to Alisar bey and he got angry. Alisar went to the Inn where Mongols were killed and his gold was stolen.

Sofia escaped from prison, with the help of Nizamettin, the close man of Alisar bey.

There in the Inn, Master Yannis fooled Alisar by telling him his fake name. He told that Kayi Tribe has stolen his gold.

There in the Kayi tribe, Dundar Bey reshuffled the responsibilities of Osman, Gunduz and Batur. Dundar gave Gunduz the task of trade and sent him to sell the goods.

Gunduz was attacked by Alisar’s men in the way and he was brought to the tribe by his Soldiers. Osman understood that Alisar did this because if Kuluchaiser have done this, they must have killed all soldiers.

Osman Invited Bala Hatun to meet him as important matter is concerned. Bala Hatun met with Osman and after coming back from meeting with Osman, She told Edebali about her meeting with Osman. Edebali got angry on Bala Hatun as she went by his words and disobeyed him.

Osman Planned for the revenge of his brother from Alisar Bey. Sofia met with her father Yannis, and told him to take revenge from Osman.

Dundar bey gave permission to Osman to search for those who ambushed Gunduz in the Way.

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 Summary

In Episode 10 Alisar Bey came to Kayi tribe and gave 1 day of time to Dundar bey to return his gold.

Dundar Addressed meeting of beys and asked them to collect golds and sell everything. Osman after meeting came to the tribe and told his uncle that he will bring gold for Aliser.

Moreover Osman was removed from his responsible duty of Dundar Bey right hand.

Osman Planned get inside the Kuluchaiser Castle. So they made a plan and reached at Kuluchaiser.

They reached the treasure room where Osman went towards Sofia room. There he listened the talk of Sofia and Alisar. He also got to know that Mongols will came to Sogut at the morning.

On the Other side Salvador deceived Bamsi bey and other Alps by closing the door behind them but Osman came at right time and opened the door.

They took the gold and escaped from that place before they were caught by Castle Soldiers.

In the next day Mongols came to Sogut. They Shed blood of many soldiers and other innocent people. They also send many soldiers to Kayi tribe to bring Dundar bey and Gunduz bey.

Kongar (The Mongol Soldier) came to the tribe and shed blood of some people. He captured Dundar and Gundaz and take them to Sogut.

Osman came to Sogut with his Soldiers and fought with Mongols. Their commander sent a soldier to bring Osman, as he want to meet Osman.

The Commander asked Osman to be with him or he will kill them all.

Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles

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